The CIAA celebrates its 77th year;

Fashion week: Wal-Mart struts the IT may be an NCAA Division II program, but there is nothing second-rate about the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, the nation's oldest Black athletic conference.

Education behind bars: Marymount Manhattan College

Designing fashion is her greatest passionThe first hint comes when you read the titles of the books on Aileen Baumgartner's desk: Reporting Vietnam, Democracy in America, Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre.

Creating the resilient community college

Retro chic: Hadley Freeman on a manA community college is always a reflection of its community, and LaGuardia Community College is no exception.

Career college librarians introduce themselves:

The ladies' man: Derek Green celebratesCareer colleges have gone by many names: for-profit schools, nonpublic trade schools, proprietary schools, "those schools with the late-night TV ads."

"We are the community's college"

Ebony Fashion Fair lights up LosFor many organizations, the call to write a mission statement yields a document that is placed in a desk drawer while business proceeds as usual. But,

Barbie the Queen of Dolls - It all started when Ruth Handler noticed her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls and imagining them in grown up roles.

Oustanding Business Professors at WVU Part - Paula Bone is a marketing professor who teaches ?Consumer Behavior? and ?Marketing Strategy? at Buying Gifts Online - Last year I had to lie down on my canopy bed and cry after I was done with Christmas shopping.

Accounting School Where Do I Go - Accounting school is an excellent choice for many that love to solve problems.

Picking An Acoustic Guitar Does Not Have To Be A Hard Choice - There are so many acoustic guitar manufacturers out in the world today that it may seem to be extremely stressful when you are looking to pick that right one for you.

Smart Dust Sensors in Window Cleaners for Environmental Information Gathering - Does it make sense to put smart dust into window cleaner buckets, squirt bottles or on squeegees for distribution onto interior and exterior windows? Why would we do this you ask? Well perhaps we wish to help better acclimate the interior of the b.

Military Needs Tunneling Robotic Delivery Systems - In the case of urban warfare it is important to be able to get in close proximity of your enemy, yet in doing so you increase their chances of killing you.

Taking Advantage Of Jewelry Coupons Jewelry Television Icecom Blue Nile And All The Top Jewelry - Buying jewelry can be expensive, apart from buying cars and homes, many people report jewelry to be the third most expensive product that they have bought.

Air Pollution Predictions Using Artificial Intelligent Prediction Data Set Input - Can it be possible to use the hurricane tracker and supercomputer systems, which predict whether to also predict the airflow in path of air pollution? During the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season we saw a massive devastation along our Gulf C.

College Duke University - Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is a premier private research college.

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