Smart Dust Sensors in Window Cleaners for Environmental Information Gathering

Does it make sense to put smart dust into window cleaner buckets, squirt bottles or on squeegees for distribution onto interior and exterior windows? Why would we do this you ask? Well perhaps we wish to help better acclimate the interior of the building to the perfect temperature?.Perhaps we wish to enhance indoor cell phone reception? Maybe we wish to help judge wind speed outside buildings, sample the weather or collect information on the environmental quality in the room or outside? Why windows? Why not coat the entire building with the smart dust? Indeed that is another concept worthy of thought. Embed the smart dust into the paint or building coatings.

By putting the smart dust sensors on the windows we can have a very flat surface to use as a good platform and the nodes or motes used by the smart dust to communicate can indeed work better from inside and outside thru windows. Also the smart dust can collect energy from the sun if on the interior of the windows and thus be for the most part duty free from an energy standpoint. How far is such technology away?.Well currently smart dust might actually look like dust on the window so, currently it is too big to use, but in the future this will not be the case at all. In the future the smart dust will be microscopic in nature and perfect for this application. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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