Air Pollution Predictions Using Artificial Intelligent Prediction Data Set Input

Can it be possible to use the hurricane tracker and supercomputer systems, which predict whether to also predict the airflow in path of air pollution? During the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season we saw a massive devastation along our Gulf Coast. Luckily the supercomputers, which track and predict the path of Hurricanes gave us lots of warning, which indeed saved thousands of lives.Now then, knowing this and understanding that air pollution merely does not stop due to some manmade line drawn in the sand or created border between states or countries, Can we use the same supercomputers to track all the air pollution in the United States whether it came from inside the country or blew here from somewhere else. If we can track the air pollution like NOAA hurricanes then we are well our way to figuring out what air in what regions needs to be first looked at. If air pollution comes from a given region and then quickly disperses itself in areas that are not highly populated by humans or animals then those particular areas are not as important as those areas, which do pollute in whose airflows do contribute unhealthy air to more populated regions.

If we are truly serious about diminishing the amount of air pollution in our country we should work on those regions first which are the most problematic the human health. There are a number of reasons why; for instance lowering of health care costs and increasing productivity of our civilization. If we take the NOAA supercomputers in add in and artificial intelligence we should be able to get the computer to program its self and help us regulate the cleanness of our air for the American people.

Consider this and 2006.

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