You Cannot Travel Thru Time

Many are convinced that we cannot travel thru time and they say we will never be able to do so. This has been a subject that has hung up more than one human mind in deep thought for years upon end; considering the ramification and potential eventualities of time travel. In the end many give up, yet some come to conclusions. One conclusion often reached is that it just is not possible. Yet others are steadfast in their believe that it is not only possible but it is only a matter of; you guessed it time. Recently in an online think tank a fellow thinker; Marv stated:.

"Time isn't something we can travel through because it's not a "thing". It's only a metric, a concept of change.".Indeed time may not be a thing; such as a wave, but it might be a direction and perhaps traveling "thru" time is the wrong verbiage of what would be occurring. For instance you would not travel thru time, but "to" a time, which would be a place, which is a thing [noun; person, place or thing].

For instance if we see the birth of a star on the other side of the Galaxy, assuming it is "X" number of millions of light years away, then what you are seeing happened long ago and you are not observing an ancient event. However if you traveled to that star now; it may have lived, expanded and burned up and may not even exist any longer in the now.So if you traveled there within seconds, you would be in the future from the perspective of those observers on Earth viewing the past. Indeed you would be traveling to "time" from your former perspective, not thru time. Although as you traveled the perspective would be changing rapidly and thus one could say you were traveling "thru" an observational perspective of time.

Now then if you were far away and saw a huge explosion in space which send a intensive burst of energy hurling towards Earth and you traveled faster than that energy and warned everyone to go under ground for a few days to be safe, then you would know the future of the event from Earth's perspective.Kind of like knowing a team is about to make a touch down before it happens due to a delay in the TV videotape relay so you can bet your friends and know in advance. So, in this case you traveled faster than the observable event and thus; Did you travel back in time and foretell of the future? Or did you simply see of the present from a different perspective of an event unfolding? If you have the time to consider time travel, perhaps you might think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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