UUV RFID Tagging of Sunken Ships

As we label and track all the space debris orbiting our planet, we too need to tag and track all the human debris scattered on the ocean floors. Why you ask? Well to prevent our underwater salvagers from wasting their time and to help us patrol what is down there and why. If something is out of place off our coast lines and it is picked up by one of our unmanned underwater robotic surveillance vehicles, the unit needs to know if it needs to further investigate or simply move on as the object it has discovered is already in its catalog of known objects out there.How can we prevent the redundancy and time expenditure to keep our UUV robotic coastline surveillance units efficient? Well, why not tag each piece of debris with an RFID Tag which can be sensed by the UUV, each tag will also work as if a GPS waypoint, but only in reverse telling the UUV where it is, the ocean floor depth and keeping it on track.

Why not use the debris humans have left in the ocean to help us navigate, protect our shores and make it all easier to find in the process. It is a no lose situation and one, which makes sense for so many reasons. If we do not do this we will have to lay down navigation points anyway, thus put more debris down in the ocean, so we may as well kill two birds with one stone? Consider all this in 2006.

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