Tunneling Robots for Combat Design Concepts

When fighting in urban situations often the enemy can hiding behind walls or behind landscape making it very difficult to get him and giving the advantage to the enemy if you try to advance on their position. Therefore it makes sense to use unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs to fly over the enemy and perhaps draw a hand grenade on them; that makes sense right? But what if the enemy is inside of a house and using civilians as a shield, which is a common occurrence for insurgents and international terrorists.In this situation it would be nice to have small tunneling robots to go have a look. The tunneling robot would tunnel its way underground and then come up through the floorboards with a camera giving a quick picture of the room. Then it would either radio the information back or be attached to a tether cable.

The soldier would look at a screen on his PDA and then decide what to do.If the coast was clear and only terrorists in the room within the device would detonate like a hand grenade. If all the other hand there were people in a room the device would explode a canister of sleeping gas. Putting everyone to sleep and once they were all asleep the soldier could see this and then take the appropriate measures. Such as entering the location or going after the next immediate target and waiting until later to get the sleeping beauty terrorists. Consider this and 2006.

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