Trends in SmartDust

In 2005 significant strides were made into the miniaturization of micro mechanical electronic sensors and the concepts for smart dust are expanding in possibilities and the possibilities are shrinking in size.There are teams at many Universities such as MIT, Berkeley and others who have already build prototypes of these SmartDust units the size of a nat, which can communicate with one another thru motes and nodes and the key is to get them to not only communicate but to also work together in swarms.The possible applications are wide and noble in intent.

For instance scientists in 2005 have written papers discussing their use and ability to serve the human endeavor in some of the following ways;.1.) Tracking Volcanic Ask.

2.) Tracking Weather Patterns.3.) Studying Hurricanes and Typhoons.

4.) Early Detection of Tornadoes.5.) Prediction of Wildfire Paths.6.) Air Pollution Tracking and Research.

7.) Security Perimeter Surveillance.8.) Nuclear Storage Monitoring.9.) Gas Leak Monitoring.

10.) Military Data in the Battlespace.11.) Space Exploration.

12.) Medical Monitoring within the body.In 2006 we will see SmartDust Technologies start to fulfill these niches and we will see more and more uses for them to communicate with sensors to alert us of situations and monitor hazardous or problematic issues.

The manufacturing of SmartDust will also become more simplified and thus the price and cost to put these particles into circulation will make it a positive option to be considered and perhaps within a few years the option of choice.SmartDust Technologies are just about ready for action and by the end of 2006 we will see them actually being used for some of mankind's most important endeavors. Think on this.


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By: Lance Winslow

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