Trends in Private Commercial Space Business

In 2005 we watched SpaceShip One win the ten million dollar X-Prize and we saw the beginnings of the privatization of space with Aerospace Legend Burt Rutan and his team, with billionaire backers such as former Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen and Virgin Atlantic's entrepreneurial thrill seeker Sir Richard Branson. We heard NASA and the President of the United States mention that privatization of space was part of the key strategy for moving forward.We had announcements of companies planning to create towing companies to collect and remove old equipment or satellites needing repair, even hinting at ways to use traction beams to set under tow asteroids for space mining. Before the ball dropped or the bell even rang to usher in the New Year in 2006 Burt Rutan's space group already had 38,000 people sign up with deposits to fly into space for a price of $200,000 each. The Russians have already taken people into Space as Space Tourists and plan on doing more as a way to fund their space missions.

In 2006 we see the announcement of a Space Landing Base being built in New Mexico, which will be done by 2010 and we are watching private investment pour into the project along with support from economic development, the state and the federal government. We will throughout 2006 see increased interest, money flows and government incentives for the privatization of space. Think on this in 2006.

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