The Future of Sex

As sciences advances our species, much of how will live our lives in the present period will change. Many have asked what will sex be like in the future period or 100 years or 150 years from now? Will humans enjoy sex in the same way? Obviously evolution will not get rid of our sex organs even if we no longer use them for procreation, due to favoring a more safer and less inhibiting BioTech solution to childbirth.Still we know that the human body has many nerve endings in our sexual organ region and since the brain and body enjoy the sensation of sex, surely it will continue in some fashion. What technologies will humans develop for these purposes? Will the robotics age provide humans with sexual partners for quickies to relieve stress? Some Japanese Robotic Professionals are counting on it as they work in the research and development lab to make it so.Will Holographic Technologies be employed to improve our sexual desires? We are seeing an emergence of advances in this area of science right now, with more than enough potential applications; will sex be one of them? The research and development in holographic imaging and 3D virtual reality is getting closer to becoming reality.

Soon we will enjoy Virtual Reality on our 360 X-Box in our living rooms. Great, great grandchildren will be about to meet their past ancestors and watch a holographic video. We will communicate in video conferencing with the image of the other people sitting next us, but not actually there.

All this is on its way and even more, as the applications are endless indeed.We know that most all cutting edge technology comes into being in such industries as military, exploration and entertainment. Why would Holographic Technologies be any different? Why would such technologies not follow similar paths with regards to the Human Innate needs and desires we know to exist? Surely there will be the use of holographic images in the use and applications of sexual desire; think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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