The Case for Military Research Expenditures

Some folks want to cut military research and development spending as they say it leads to war. Some believe that we should stop inventing ways to kill humans. Some believe that killing one's own species is a terrible tragedy of the human endeavor and if we continue this tact we will do nothing more than be doomed to repeat our past follies.

Many of these condemnations of war and the lead up to war are well founded. Even Einstein had said; "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." Yet we know from the cold war and the Reagan Era that we must always negotiate from a position of strength. And of course this means will must continue with our military research and development. And we must also realize that the discoveries we make in bettering of our offensive or defensive strategies, will assist in other discoveries which solve other problems of mankind.

Let us take Los Alamos Labs for instance, as it has always been on the cutting edge innovations, which span all studies of science. Many of the inventions, which have been used in protection of our nation and allies, have had significant transfer technologies to the private sector. You really cannot walk more than a few steps in your own house without seeing technology in normal house appliances, which was made possible thru such advances that are provided in stand out research centers like Los Alamos.

There is nothing wrong with funding such labs or paying scientists big buck to work in such places. There is nothing wrong with choosing a life's work, which protects the greatest nation ever created in the history of this species. If such labs were shut down like some of the critics want and every scientist lost their jobs, then the forward progress of mankind would stagnate and that would not be world worthy of hanging your life experience. Mankind must Press On.

I am so proud of every one at Los Alamos. Have you hugged your military scientists today? Think about all they have given us.

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By: Lance Winslow

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