Thailand MOE ENGLISH Language integrated delivery program forPatom

This system can be adapted to any school using any set of text books. All that is required is a LAN with the capacity to host a shared drive and a printer. Foreign teachers will be able to use this program after attending 1 x 2 hour introductory seminar. (Some teachers may require additional one to one instruction.) Brief overview * One central directory that provides the long range plan, syllabus, daily lesson plans and supplementary worksheets, for all classes. (matching MOE scope and sequence) * Easily maintained by one employee with limited computer skills and basic English ability.

* Minimizes additional tasks for foreign teachers, allowing them to concentrate on lesson quality and classroom management. * Provides ongoing student and teacher assessment. * Presents learning outcomes in a visual format that non English speaking parents can understand. * Encourages teacher self assessment and pre-planning lessons.

* Improves classroom management. * Monitors student behaviour. * Can be continually updated from year to year while previous years can be duplicated, thus minimizing additional duties and refining course/program effectiveness. * Mid term and end of term assessments are integrated with scope and sequence, thus assuring consistency across all grades and years. * Easy tracking of home work assignments, given and returned.

* Students having difficulties can be quickly identified and attended to appropriately. * Easily auditable system that meets all the requirements of the Thai MOE. System requirements * Microsoft excel * Microsoft word * Schoolhouse technology software * Shared drive on Local Area Network Legend: Primary responsibilities Administrator Head of English department Teacher The head of the English department would oversea all stages of the program to ensure correct usage. The head of the English department may request that teachers contribute to exam preparation in the initial stages. The administrator will ensure that teachers are provided with all record keeping documents when needed, and ensure that teachers provide all completed tests and record sheets by the necessary deadlines. Teachers will ensure daily lesson plans are prepared at least one week in advance.

Teachers will mark all home work and work sheets, and then give them to the administrator who will file then in individual student folders; these will be presented to the parents along with the mid term and end term reports. Now is the ideal time to install this program and train key staff members in its use. I am available at this time and can offer to demonstrate the effectiveness of my system to you free of charge! Should you decide to go ahead and have me install the system and train your staff in its use I will be willing to negotiate a suitable fee for my services at that time. Yours sincerely Bill Boyd 0522 09089 in Thailand +66 522 09089 from elsewhere bill.boyd@esi.com.

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By: Bill Boyd

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