Symmetry of Life Is It Constant in the Universe

Life on Earth is very symmetrical in nature and it is indeed rather obvious if you look around. Is this fact constant for life off of Planet Earth? And is this a constant in the universe as well? Is life symmetrical by nature everywhere? Interesting comment indeed and this subject had recently come up in an online think tank when one guest member stated;."It does seem that as far as their appearance, symmetry is almost a given in terms of external appearance and apparatus - limbs, etc. - however the distribution is basically up for grabs.".It makes sense then that if we are looking for life on other worlds we need to look for symmetry of sorts, organization and familiarity to patterns.

If this is so, then perhaps Stephen Wolfram famous author of; "The New Type of Science" might have something to say on this subject as well and even some mathematical proof as to why and how this would be the case might be worthy of note?.It seems as if life would be symmetrical in nature everywhere as it is on Earth and perhaps there is a reason for this? It could be that light and frequency resonance of planets, moons or even matter itself causes life to be this way. Whatever the case it is a rather interesting and unexplained topic of interest and definitely worthy of intellectual and philosophical pursuit, as some day we may very well discover the answer? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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