Swarm Warfare and Quadrant Killing

The revival of swarm tactics in modern warfare is upon us and it makes sense really. Swarming is a natural team defense strategy and it is used in politics, business, sports and war. Overwhelming a market, an opponent, a rival or an enemy with swarm theory can help you achieve victory faster than seemingly possible.This is because cooperation and self-sacrifice off the one can guarantee the survival of the many. What's the matter goes against your Western Thought Process? Sure it does, but it is true.

This is not to say that special team talent mini-swarm theory cannot save the individual from their demise, only to say that there is safety in numbers, now wouldn't you agree.Can swarm theory fail? Oh certainly if you understand the game, which our US modern war planners do. One way to take out a swarm is to use the Lance Winslow theory of QKSD or Quadrant Killing Swarm Defense. This theory is a highly evolved model of the basic concept of "divide and conquer" and takes into consideration such concepts of zone defense. In the QKSD Model Mr.

Winslow describes; decoy, disruption, deception and destruction or D4.The incoming swarm is shown a decoy target of opportunity and as it comes into a strike position and path, it is disrupted and divided into quadrants or diamond grids. Then each of the divided swarm pieces cannot realign now finding incoming barrages of ordinance fired into their virtual grid, unaware they are divided and cannot re-unite without crossing a kill zone or divide line. Having been deceived the swarms must retreat and thus be annihilated or continue to the new targets head on from which they are now being attacked from. Whether they continue or retreat they are destroyed. That is Mr.

Winslow's QKSD in a nut shell, effective and complete and sparing few losses and no defeat.

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By: Lance Winslow

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