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Imagine what life would be like in the U.S. if we weren't so dependent on foreign oil, or any oil for that matter. (The supply going to run out, after all.) There are existing alternatives such as biodiesel and ethanol that are renewable fuels.

Most autos in Brazil run on ethanol. Funny, we don't hear much about that in the news, do we. Their government has a mandate requiring that their fuels contain 25% alcohol. They make their ethanol from corn, which they grow anew each season, and their autos, vans, trucks and other vehicles aren't spewing toxins from oil into the environment day after day. That means they all breather easier than those living in the U.

S.To be effective, solar power systems don't need to power an entire business community or even provide all of the power for a private residence. Solar energy systems are much more efficient at heating water than they are at producing power. Since standard hot water heaters can consume over a third of a house's energy, replacing a gas-powered hot water heater with a solar powered heater can reduce a home's energy bill considerably, as well as making the owners eligible for a tax cut in select states.

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