Stylish Digital Cameras

While testing this type of digital camera I have generally found them to be reliable and to be of good quality. Compared with standard digital cameras there is a definite step up in terms of build quality as they have metal bodies. In terms of mega pixels they tend to range from five to eight.

Zoom lenses tend to be a standard three times although there are signs that this is on the increase. Large LCD screens are also a common feature with 2.5" screens considered standard. As with many other types of digital camera view finders are becoming increasingly hard to find.

Although not as slim as the pocket sized cameras they are relatively compact and should fit into a conventional sized handbag. This means that they remain fairly easy to carry around and they are not overly cumbersome. Almost all cameras come in a standard silver color, but occasionally you will find a wider choice available.

In terms of design and shape a lot of the cameras look very similar indeed and there is little to choose between them in terms of looks and style. Picture quality is normally very good and cameras generally perform well in a variety of different situations. Features tend to be similar to those found on standard digital cameras.

This is a bit limiting and I am sure that many people would appreciate a well made compact camera with manual exposure controls. The upside of this is without too many features to get to grips with the cameras remain fairly easy to use. A wide selection of scene modes is normally available and almost all models offer TV quality movies. Models with image stabilisation have recently been launched.

This feature helps to overcome hand shake and therefore produce sharper photos. When compared with pocket sized cameras the build quality is similar. I have found the picture quality is typically better with this type of camera and the flash tends to have a longer reach. In terms of price they are a fair bit more expensive than a standard digital camera and also the pocket sized models. Prices range from around 170 to 270.

This type of camera is likely to appeal to anyone who wants a good quality camera that is easy to use and is prepared to pay more for it.

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