Sound Weapon Delivery to Acoustically Blast Locust Swarms

At least a couple of researchers on the Locust Plagues which threaten to cause crop failures have stated that they believe the answer to stopping these massive swarms are to use acoustic weapons and directed sound waves. The waves will have to be high powered and directed toward the locust swarm in mid-flight. Researcher Warren Powers believes it is all possible.Can we hit these locusts over Lake Victoria where they swarm every year? Well, regarding this target intercept point for a demo once the researchers finally do prove concept, it could actually be done.

Well, Lake Victoria sounds like a plan. Now then last night I had several thoughts on this concept.One; have a Barge on the Lake with the sound system on it.Two; back off the tip of the Locust Swarm by about 500 yards.

Three; check lake for Algae Blooms.Four; Have air intakes to the generators able to filter from a super wide area.Why? Well first the most evolved locusts with the strongest genes may be the best fliers and ahead of the pack, stronger. Not needing the advantage of the rest as much. Superior top 5%.

Like in the Tour de France break-aways, top riders usually in the lead group. We must assume that the swarming the locusts do helps the strongest survive and live to breed again. We do not need to mess up their evolutionary chain, only help them in the process of what they are already doing and save our crops and countryside from devastation.The swarming must have something to do with their own survival of the fittest mechanism and the strength of the species in some way, as they cannibalize their weak. The rest of the time they live as solitary insects.

I am simply applying food chain logic and evolutionary theory to this concept of a Lake Victoria intercept point. So we back off 500 yards from leaders and hit the "Pelaton" main group.The weak behind that most likely will not make it anyway. The barge can hold the weight and power generators for the large array and you can go high-power on a large platform like that. Can we actually defeat this ancient crop devastating plague with modern technology? Well consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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