Satellite House Occupant Locator Pre Swat Raid

One very unfortunate problem in busting drug houses or capturing fugitives is that the criminals generally have somewhat fortified their locations. Whether it is a home, business or warehouse, chances are they have some contingency plans and those plans are made for their advantage not the good guys. In busting into drug houses generally they have weapons and are so wigged out they will use them even when they are completely out numbered with automatic weapons pointed at them. Such irrational behavior when they are clearly out numbered and out gunned is commonplace. The element of surprise is always a plus and the more information about he location prior to entry is very important as well. But there is another way to get additional information.

How so you ask.We need penetrating satellite imagery to advise us of where in the house each occupant is prior to the raid and penetration. By doing this we will maintain better situational awareness and better able to predict locations of targets. This will save lives of both the criminals and the Swat teams from catching a stray lucky shot.

Even with all the best training in the world occasionally some is up and awake and ready for one of the team moving into a room. We need better intelligence and real time knowledge of the localized battlespace no matter what type of building it is. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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