Sand Dunes A Weathervane for Titan

Can we use the sand dunes on Titan to determine thru the study of erosion patterns what the weather is like there? We know from studying Earth deserts and the movement of sand and the patterns below that we can determine wind speeds and direction of prevailing winds and even seasonal shift changes. So then, why can we not do this on Saturn's largest moon too?.Indeed it is possible and with man-made NASA probes and satellites from Earth feeding us back information from close range we can see the patterns in the sands of Titan and this allows us to better understand its climate and weather or wind flows. This will help us better understand how the system on Titan works and adds additional clues to scientists who are trying to figure out what makes Titan Tick.Further by studying the sand dunes of Titan we might better determine if there is life on the Moon and where on the Moon it might be you see? Also by looking at the patterns of sand we can figure out exactly what they are made of and thus figure out their density and consistency to help us determine why they are there and how the surface of the planet like Moon came to be.

The sand dunes on Titan may very well be just the weather vane we were looking for as we explore Titan; Saturn's largest moon. Consider all this in 2006.

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