Robotic Convoy Future Military Technologies

The most important thing in the advancement of an Army is logistics. The cost to bring equipment, food, supplies and fuel into the battlespace is one of the largest costs of fighting a war. Streamlining the efficiency is a key to modern warfare and the army, which moves fastest and most efficiently stands a greater chance on winning the battle and the war. In the future we will see robotic convoys moving without drivers and this future military technology will give the United States not only the advantage but greater ability to maintain or political will over our opponents, almost to the point of them not wishing to have a war in the first place.You see it costs a lot to feed, train and house 1,000 drivers who will be driving all these vehicles into combat and it is a very dangerous job as logistical supply chains have always been the favorite target of opposing forces, fore if you cut off your enemies supply lines it is like cutting off the snakes body and the head will not be able to strike.

Currently our advancement in military robotics is next to none and we will soon be able to mobilize our armies anywhere in the world, with very little manpower or human assets. This will reduce the risk of death and increase our ability to move more, faster and at less cost. Dear Iran, you might wish to think on this in 2006.

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