Rapid ReCamouflaging of Military Convoys

The future of warfare is changing rapidly in the modern battlefield. The logistical military convoys are also changing and soon they will be robotic with no people. But for now we have valuable human life within those convoys and they must be protected at all costs. The best way to protect a military convoy is with camouflaging, however we must also realize that when we go from one area to another such as a desert and then thru a forest the color of the convoy needs to change with the surrounding background.To prevent satellite detection the tops of the vehicles need to be the same color is the road you're traveling on. If it is a dirt road then you need spray on dirt to put on the top of the vehicles and if you're traveling on a road the tops of the vehicles need to be a black color identical to the roadway so they cannot be seen by satellites; perhaps you see the problem.

But how can you rapidly change the color of an entire convoy? Well, I have an idea and it does not include using the xenon blast to rapidly remove all the paint and then repaint all the vehicles because that would take forever. In the fast-moving convoy of the modern battlespace this needs to done while in motion; So, here is my plan;.We need an easy up system like a giant pop-up car detailing tent which would span across the road where the convoy could drive thru with ring sprayers inside.

Then once completed just keep driving and the tent system would fold down and be loaded in a Humvee in a box.I know when we use to spray tire dressing or degreaser in these tents they if they had at least two sides the wind would not significantly disrupt the direction of spray you see? Formerly before my retirement I ran an Auto Detailing Business DetailGuys.com and a Mobile Car Wash Franchise Carwashguys.

com and this is the basis of my knowledge on this concept. Please consider all this in 2006 and support the troops.

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By: Lance Winslow

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