Pillars of Learning

Pillars of Learning Throughout life you and I learn through many avenues. While in school and at work assignments and tasks are made which rely on your capability to learn. Since positive change happens, the learning is continuous. It should excite us as is and allow the imagination to play with the knowledge to do more good. Stimulate learning to experience a continuous cycle of transformation. See, each of us is at our respective best level and must take a "spirit enhancing action" to generate a "spirit enhancing result" to transform to a "New Best Level".

As a boy, I was fortunate to be an excellent learner and student. I did as told and performed well. Years later, I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree and became an engineering professional. Then, learning became a serious challenge because of my mental health challenge. I forced myself to examine learning on a new level to help me.

I discovered the following: Wisdom, intuition (sixth sense), the subconscious, presence, and timing are complex. True, you can put them in the category of learning. Yes, they are not teachable. The individual innately acquires these characteristics. To what level is up to the person. The best another can do is to guide the individual.

However, traditional learning both written and verbal needed to be stimulated for my survival. Throughout formal education and in the workplace no one taught me how to study or work. Of course, practice, pretest, and just do it was often heard advice. After reflecting on my education and work, I realized in grade school the teacher identified the skill to learn and in college and at work it was indirectly identified by the professor or your boss. The question formed in my mind.

Why do I learn some skills easily and others not as easily? You might have had the same question. This is the fun learning structure which evolved: * Identify the skill * Learn the skill * Practice and/or rehearse * Grow your business and life The skill can be a traditional or soft skill. Traditional skills are knowledge based fundamentals and soft skills are via interaction with others to teach the fundamentals or come up with a workable plan. I advice you to ask meaningful and thought provoking questions to stimulate profitable conversations to take relationships to a "New Best Level".

The statistics are alarming how many people do not read books after college. Being an engineer, I know many engineers who want to tinker and not read. My advice to you is to read (skill identified) from more than one source about the same topic and use the fun learning structure. Make sure you tinker throughout the pipeline, not only on one end. It will cut years off of the attainment of your goals and make learning and work a more stimulating and rewarding process.

We practice and/or rehearse for retention and memorization. The learned can then be easily recalled. So, you think you didn't have a business in grade school or college. How about when you went to the counter to buy candy, a drink, or a toy? I'm sure the merchant didn't turn your money away. You're in business! Grow it and your life! It's an exciting journey of fulfillment and more peace.

We all have more options after increasing our learning. Today, I use what I learned to stimulate the mind, heart, body, and spirit of individuals and teams. Let me know what your boss, colleagues, customers, and fans think of your performance at a "New Best Level". .

By: Raju Gavurla

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