Philips Juicer Reviews

The Philips HR1861 is currently one of our favourite products. This Philips Juicer gives you all the juice without the fuss thanks to its patented micro-mesh filter and powerful 700W motor. I have been juicing for 5 years now and found that the Philips Juicer Hr1861 is really one of the best pieces of juicing equipment that I have ever used.

Great juicer from Philips Two speed settings + pulse for a variety. The HR1858/50 juicer from Philips guarantees perfect fruit juice. As well as looking great the Philips Professional Alu Juicer HR1861 (made from anodised aluminium) has an extra large feeding tube that can swallow apples whole. The Philips HR1854 juicer has an extra-large feeding tube, so there's less cutting up of fruit or veg, while its 70ml jug keeps your juice fresher for longer. Additionally, the Philips HR1861 Juicer is a beautiful device that will not look out of place in any kitchen.

Extra power for superior blending/ JuicingThe Philips Blender in anodised aluminium features a 700W motor, which can handle just about anything and give you the maximum amount of juice. Unique micro-mesh filter and XL feeding tubePhilips Juicer in anodised aluminium with unique micro-mesh filter, 700W motor, extra-large feeding tube, 2L pulp container, and stylish 1. In contrary to low- and mid-end juicers, this one has an ultra large feeding tube so pre-cutting of fruits & vegetables is no longer necessary. The Philips Juicer HR1861 is constructed from anodised aluminium, and features a Philips-patented micro-mesh filter (made from Stainless Steel), 700W motor, extra-large feeding tube, 2L pulp container, and stylish 1.

The Philips HR1861 is an attractive appliance that will bring any kitchen to life; however don't be fooled by its good looks - when it comes to making juice patented technology places the Philips HR1861 Juicer in a league of its own.

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