Pearls a Smart Fashion Decision

Pearls have been called "The Queen of Gems" and have been historically far more prized than any precious metal or gemstone.  Today, pearl jewelry is considered one of the best jewelry types for accessorizing, exuding a glamour and sophistication that few other options can match.   One of the main reasons for the pearl's popularity lies in its versatility.  Pearls, with the possible exception of silver or platinum jewelry without gemstones, can be matched with almost any attire.  The range of colors that pearls are available in is relatively small, and with hues that could hardly be considered flashy.

This, in combination with the luster that is exclusive to these magnificent natural wonders, lends pearls an elegance that can be defining yet subdued.   Choosing to accessorize with a collection of fine pearl jewelry opens up a world of options, from cufflinks, strands and pendant necklaces to rings, earrings and bracelets.  In fact, there are so many ways to incorporate pearls into a wardrobe that the choices are almost limitless.  Historically speaking, pearls have also been used to adorn dresses, gowns, hats, headwear (such as tiaras and crowns) and even shoes.  The roman emperor Caligula even adorned his favorite horse in pearls to express the horse's importance.

Pearls can be accentuating, brazen or low key. Matching pearls to almost any outfit is easy, since they are mostly within the neutral range.  Pearl jewelry such as cufflinks and pendants go well when dressing conservatively while single strand large pearl necklaces and bracelets are perfect for capturing attention.

Pearl rings can go either way, depending on the size of the pearl and the setting in which it has been mounted.  Double or triple strand pearl bracelets and necklaces offer a crisp look for business attire yet go smashingly well with blue jeans and a top.    The next time you want to widen your jewelry collection, consider the only type of jewelry that doesn't need to be melted down, hammered, shaped, poured or laser cut to give you all of its natural brilliance and beauty.

Once you have a piece of pearl jewelry in your collection, you'll be able to easily see why pearls are the smart fashion decision.  Pearls will be the accessory you turn to again and again for just the right look.  
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