Numbskull Harvard Business Professors at Issue

There is nothing worse than a Harvard Business Instructor in my opinion. I suppose personally I see them as more of a babysitter for rich kids. No wonder Bill Gates cut class? Like these professors could teach him anything. And if he has listen to their dribble where would he actually be today? Another 'has been' of the Dot Com Bubble Burst, I suppose.

As a Franchising Entrepreneur often we have students ask for information for their study assignments and thus I produced for the public and all the darn college students doing projects at that good for nothing Harvard Business School as they continually try to fake us out as potential partners or buyers of some such services. Some day someone ought to have a serious talk with that Business Professor for assigning these student "Car Wash Industry" studies. Yes my franchise involved the car wash business.Many times when considering all these fake inquiries, I had thought about that professor and under my breath said; "What a worthless punk, what can I expect from academia who could not make it in the real world? Screw ball liberal Utopist Scum, they could not build Utopia with all the money in the World for a party of six. Oh sorry what was the subject? Oh yah information on the industry right?".Why would an entrepreneur be so upset at a Professor from the "Purported" top business school? Well, you just get sick of being BS'ed and your time wasted that's all.

So can someone please forward this article to that ridiculous Harvard Business Professor that assigns students the "Car Wash Case Study" Business Plan and tell him what I think of his crap? Thanks and think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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