New Steerable Bullet Trajectory Tactics

Currently several nations are working on steerable bullets, where once shot they can be guided to the target around obstacles to their targets, within reason. In other words they may not be able to make 90 degree turns into hallways just yet, but some day they are hoping that they might. Of course such an innovation means that the entire game of combat is now changed and it will never be the same again.Those nation states with such advanced weaponry will have an immediate and unfair advantage over their enemy, which is probably why they are being created in the first place. It will be necessary to train troops and soldiers to both use and defend against such advances in warfare.

Training them how to use it will require a lot of re-social soldier engineering and new tactics will need to be considered as well as the sky will be the limit. Indeed this brings me to my next point. If your just fired bullet is approaching the enemy and he ducks behind something your bullet will not be able to make that turn.Thus your bullet now foiled must have an eject button on it, meaning it will now try to do a 110 degree turn straight up and use up all its current kinetic energy.

Then it will fall back down to earth. Ah ha, but since it is steerable your game is not over any more, as now you can steer it on its way down through your enemies helmet you see? Think of the steerable bullet at this point as a tiny little projectile replica of a smart bomb. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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