Multiple Intelligences study for success

The study of Multiple Intelligences can be summarized as follows: 1. Howard Gardner created the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 2. Multiple Intelligences determine the manner in which people process information and make meaning of contents.

3. There are 9 Multiple Intelligences: 1. Logical/Mathematical 2.

Verbal/Linguistic 3. Bodily/Kinesthetic 4. Visual/Spatial 5. Musical/Rhythmical 6. Intrapersonal 7. Interpersonal 8.

Naturalistic 9. Existential 4. Everyone has many Intelligences, though some are stronger than others. 5.

One has to be careful not to label people based on their strongest intelligence. 6. Each Intelligence has the potential to be developed; it is learnable. 7. The application of this theory makes studying exciting, which brings enthusiasm and joy into learning. 8.

The theory of Multiple Intelligences is encompassing and therefore, more democratic. Now, how do students use their MI to study for success? Here are some examples: 1. Logical/Mathematical Your subject has to make sense to you. Create ways by which you can find patterns or solve problems. Puzzles work wonders for you.

2. Verbal/Linguistic Use words as much as you can. Speak aloud; discuss the topics with other people.

Create mnemonics, word games. 3. Bodily/Kinesthetic Write things down, walk around while studying; play with something, for instance, play dough or a slinky. Keep moving.

4. Visual/Spatial Create images, graphs. Draw pictures, maps; use Graphic Organizers. 5. Musical/Rhythmical Keep clicking your pen (but not in front of others as you will drive them crazy), beat on the table, listen to music; create sounds and rhythm. This is the best opportunity for you to do a rap of your subject.

6. Intrapersonal Keep checking how you are feeling. Find ways to feel good about what you are studying.

Think about the rewards of studying and how you will feel about them. 7. Interpersonal You need a partner, at least. Study groups are the best for you.

Find a buddy and study together. You can use your other MI to make studying a success. 8.

Naturalistic Create tables, categories, outlines, lists, classifications. Summarize your topic using bullets. 9. Existential Use candles and incense, create a study heaven. Surround yourself with beautiful things: paintings, colors, objects, flowers.

Feed your soul. So we see that Multiple Intelligences are great for studying. Imagine doing it in a way that is more natural to you.

Not only you will learn faster and better but you will also have fun in the process. .

By: Dr. Maria Moratto

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