Memory Techniques Success And Money

Can I improve my memory?

The evidence that your memory is trainable can be found in both ancient scholarship and modern business. The techniques of memory enhancement have existed for thousands of years and are serving major firms today. The systems have been used and taught by some of the greatest minds in history, including Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Caesar Augustus, Thomas Aquinas, Dante, Francis I, Henry III of France, and Leibniz.

Memory systems have also assisted countless scholars, business merchants, doctors, lawyers, kings and emperors. These ancient memory systems have been adapted for use in modern business today. Corporations, governments and organizations have already begun to use these memory systems in their regular day-to-day business and workplace environments.

Can memory techniques make me money?

In the world today information is the most important product on the open market. To lose it or to lose control over it can be the end to a business.

Here is a short list of some examples where memory systems can make money or save money:

1) Without memory aids, an executive spends around 30 minutes a day searching for things on his desk.

2) Much business occurs off the record, often ending with a handshake. It can be disastrous to a business deal to forget an important point discussed during a meeting.

3) It builds rapport and cements relations with clients by remembering more about them.

4) It really enhances efficiency, comprehension and productivity.

5) Knowing your products inside out gives you instant credibility.

Memory techniques and business success.

Successful companies have without a doubt already people who are qualified for their jobs. But job skills and education are no guarantee of a good and reliable memory.

Memory techniques skills are not taught in the school systems, or even at the college and university level. A good memory can is possible as a result of developing special skills in mnemonics that is the real science of memory.

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By: Ken Donald -

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