Liberal Think Tanks are a Lie

And most all think tanks in my opinion that are liberal are a lie because they start out with the false premise that does not take into consideration unique characteristics of mankind, but rather lives with a utopian view that is impossible because it does not yet exist. This is not to say you could not take a Liberal think tank in the present period and re-establish it in the year 2300 and it might actually means something.That is to say if mankind can work together in a common cause and unite the world in order to live in the utopia that all nations and free people of the world to seek then the liberal line of reasoning is valid for the future.

Unfortunately Liberal think tanks presently are misguided and additionally many are funded by people like George Soros, a socialist who has political ambitions of taking over the planet and using politicians in the United States of America, the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind to do just that.We must realize that since we have the greatest nation we must protect what we have built and not allow it to be redistributed to the rest of the world, which does not operate at our level or care to. Much of the world is still run with guns, drugs, arms and human trafficking. The United States of America does not stand for this and yet many Liberal think tanks who wish to do redistributed wealth of the world have not considered the full impact of what their saying.Perhaps we should shut down all Liberal think tank for purporting such a lie yet on the other hand someday their perception although a false one may allow us to actually get off our butts and build the utopia we all seek without the politics.

Consider all this and 2006. And please do not e-mail me you are a Liberal who disagrees. Simply think on it.


Lance Winslow.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow.


By: Lance Winslow

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