Laser Track Sequence Firing to Make Wind Flow to Wind Turbine Generators

What do you do when the wind dies and you were relying on that wind to propel wind generation to collect on all our alternative energy needs? Well I have a plan you see; create our own wind. How so you ask? Well, we know that fires do this right? But how; well you see heat rises and pushes the air up. What if we use high-heat and high-energy lasers in front of fields of wind turbine generators to create the wind and get it started again at a good pace? And then allow the wind generators to pick up?.Well I see you like my idea so far, but you are probably saying, great and then you turn off the laser and the wind stops right? Wrong, because if you do it right you can create a horizontal tornado like affect which will suck new air in and continue under a lot less power thru the normal physics of the vortex flows. Okay yah sure you are still saying?.

Well consider that the tornado like affect spins with the wind turbine generator blades and there are many many wind turbines in series and once you start the flow it continues either laterally across the field of generators or back towards the series of turbines in a row? Next consider as the artificially created wind passes the last one, you hit the laser again to continue this process through pulses. Let's harness Mother Nature,s greatest affects and use her energy to serve, it is only hot air? But this article isn't. Consider this in 2006.

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