If Time Travel Were Possible Then Where Are All Those Time Travelers Today

One of the hardest questions presented to those who believe time travel is possible is; Where is Everybody? Indeed this makes for a pretty hard argument to overcome doesn't it? Recently in an online think tank a fellow thinker named Marv re-introduced the question to the group as he stated regarding his very astute comment of asking for proof;."If it ever became possible, it would have already happened!".And thus where is everybody? Again this is a pretty tough problem to over come, yet there are theories that for time travel one could not go back in time before the device of time travel was created, which is an interesting take and theory on the subject. Of course then there are anomalies such as the John Titer story and such. Quite a few of them, where people say they are from the future.

Although many are chocked off to publicity stunts. And the conspiracy theories, which go along with that which say that when a time traveler arrives they are wisked away to a secret government installation and of course this sure makes for a lot of book deals and late night radio talk shows doesn't it?.Perhaps people traveling thru time is a difficult maneuver; however thought thru time and now quantum computing is indeed showing some interesting possibility with entangled pairs or shared events thru time. So, perhaps time travel is possible and is constantly going on with or without our knowledge due to our perspective of the present and time.

Perhaps time does not exist at all and all time is one, but our minds do not register it as such?.But Marv presses on with his fellow thinkers and this next statement he makes is interesting indeed:."But we dream, don't we.".As who is to say that we are not dreaming thru time and our minds when dreaming are not bound in the way they are in the waking hours when bombarded and one with all the other vibrational energy emitted from our realm. Although science is sure to figure that out, if indeed they have not already.

Well, got to go; all out of time. But do consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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