How to Legally Change Your Name

Don't waste your money on expensive attorney/paralegal fees to get your name change filed. Legally changing your name is a very simple process to undergo. But there are a few reasons you CAN NOT change your name for.

1- fraudulent purposes 2- renameing yourself to a trademarked name. 3- To have numbers in your name ie. 911 4- To be called "Violent" or "naughty" words Also minors can not change their name unless you have a court decision. The process of changing your name does involve filing out a one or two page form and submitting it to the appropriate court, but If thousands of women can do it daily when they tie the knot then why can't you. This is how to legally change your name. 1.

Contact your county court or local courthouse and ask them which court oversees name change processes. It will either be cival, superior, or probate court. 2. Now that you know where to file your forms, your going to need to download a a name change form(s). I recommend http://www.

LegalFormsBank.biz Legal Forms Database for the best price of current up-to-date forms. Which is important because Ive gotten old forms that my court would not file! The laws are always changing and not many legal form databases can keep pace. 3. Heres a direct link to their Legal name change form category ( http://www.

legalformsbank.biz/namechange.asp ).

Once your there select your state, the necessary forms you need are in one single kit. These forms include instructions in case you have trouble filling out the form. 4. Fill out your forms and file them at the appropriate court you learned about in step 1. Make a photocopy too for your personal reference. 5.

Once your forms have been reviewed by a judge, they will either be approved immediately, or a court hearing will be requested by the judge. A hearing is usually requested when one of the reasons you can not change your name for is in question. 6.

After your name change forms have been signed off, you have to pick up your forms, or the clerk might be nice enough to mail them to you. 7. Then you must take out an advertisement in the newspaper the court specified.

8. The authorities will take note of your new identity once the newspaper has run the ad and they will send you an affidavit. You must return this affidavit to the court clerk.

9. And Finally, the court will send you an "Order Granting Change of Name". This is your new ID.


By: Nick Phagan

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