How to Finance Your College Education Through the Military

The military is a great way to finance your education and acquire skills that you can apply in so many jobs. There are numerous ways the military can fund your college education. You can attend a military college, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), or participate in the military's Credit and Tuition Support Services.

Military Colleges.Graduating from a Military College is perfect for people who want to enter the armed forces at an officer level or for people already in the military who would like to learn a specific skill for use in their career. The armed forces have partnerships with many non-military colleges and universities that allow people to earn degrees and skills in a certain area that will be recognized by the military, but attending a military college may give you a slight edge above the competition. Military colleges are very highly respected and teach more than just academics.

Military colleges are proud of their training in character. Many strongly encourage students to learn duty, honor, morality and discipline; all of which are cornerstones of the foundation the military is built upon.Reserve Officer Training Corps.The ROTC is offered in all branches of the military; the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force. Through this program the military provides four, three, tow and even one year scholarships that includes tuition, books, fees, and a monthly stipend. The ROTC is partnered with more than a thousand colleges and universities.

Students in the ROTC take are full time students that are also required to take additional courses in military science. They also wear uniforms once a week and engage in drills and other training.Tuition Support Programs.

There are four tuition support programs offered by the military; Tuition Assistance, the Montgomery G.I. Bill, College Fund Programs, and Loan Repayment Programs. The Tuition Assistance Program is offered to full-time duty members in the military.

Each student can receive up to $250 per credit hour taken each semester or a maximum of $4,500 each year. The Montgomery G.I. Bill provides $36,000 to pay for tuition in return for a commitment to serve full-time duty. The College Fund Program is offered to enlistees after a honorable discharge. Loan Repayment Programs Vary depending on what branch of the military service you are serving in, but all include having their student loan be repaid by the military.

Credit Programs.There are three credit programs to choose from; Military School Credits, Service-member Opportunity Colleges (SOC), and Credits Earned Through Testing. With Military School Credits members of the military can earn college credit while being trained in their chosen area of the military. This costs the student nothing and only needs to be approved by one of the 300 schools that works with the military.

Service-member Opportunity Colleges is a group of over 1,7000 colleges and universities that have agreed to transfer credits between them for members of the military and their families so that they can continue studying even if they are moved to a different location. Credits earned through testing is another option for earning a college degree. Local Base Education Centers offer CLEP examinations, DSST subject series, or Regents examinations. If the test is passed then credits are awarded.


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