History of Nike Dunks

The term dunks was first used for sports shoes introduced by Nike in 1985. Originally intended for college wear, Nike dunks were termed as 'twins' to the immensely popular Nike Terminators. Nike dunks were initially available only in University and College colors only, and were termed as casual/basketball shoes. Since their reintroduction in 1998, Nike dunks have become a youth icon and are one of the most popular sports shoes on the planet. Nike dunks are available in various designs and colors, and are one of the most diverse footwear ranges offered by Nike. History of Nike Dunks Nike dunks are famous for their low profile outer soles and lightweight, and Nike dunks were designed to facilitate specialized basketball moves like blocking and pivoting.

Nike chose to sign up 8 Universities and sponsor their basketball teams by providing them with Nike dunks that matched the color of the team's uniform. It was only when the Nike dunks were reintroduced in 1998 and sported 'non-uniform' colors did the popularity of Nike dunks sky rocket. Interestingly, Nike dunks introduced between 1998 and 2000 featured a nylon tongue and arch supports and are the most unique Nike dunks available till date. Nike dunk SB Nike's dunk SB shoes were designed to cater to the specific requirements of skateboarders. Skateboarders were already using the immensely popular Nike dunks because of their low profile sole and light weight but when Nike released the first shoe designed especially for skateboarding (the Nike dunk SB) it was an instant success. The Nike dunk SB has extra padding, and has a characteristically 'puffy' tongue which has became a perquisite for all skateboarding shoes in the US.

In fact, many Nike dunk SB shoes have become collector's items and Nike is actively collaborating with designers to release limited edition or collector's editions for their Nike dunk SB shoes. In addition, Nike dunk SB shoes are produced in limited quantities adding to their desirability and appeal. Nike dunk SB shoes are so popular that a pair of Nike dunk SB shoes called 'what the dunks' sold for nearly $1800 on eBay. Also, 'first day' release of some Nike dunk SB shoes have caused Nike fans to swamp retail outlets a few days before the release date. Interestingly, it is next to impossible to find Nike dunk SB shoes at discounted or wholesale rates, as Nike has rarely sold the Nike dunk SB shoes for less than the recommended retail price. Like all Nike dunks, the Nike dunk SB shoes are made from 3 ounces of leather and 6 pounds of rubber and are equipped with the patented Nike Zoom Air insole.

Nike dunks are famous the world over and are extremely popular in countries like Japan, the United States, Europe, and Korea. Unfortunately, the popularity of Nike dunks has flooded the market with fake Chinese goods and it is important to shop for Nike dunks from authorized resellers (and the same holds good for online shopping too). Nike air force one One of the most popular pair of Nike air force dunks are the white on whites. Instead of contrasting the stitching with the color of the shoe, the Nike air force one white on whites have white leather, white stitching and even the swoosh is white. In essence, the white laces, stitching and swoosh are set to compliment the white color of the shoe, thus the term white on whites. Nike air force one dunks are so popular that rapper Nelly teamed up with Murphy Lee, Ali and Kyjuan to produce a song called 'Air force ones' (the video featured Nelly and other rappers buying a pair of Nike air force one dunks).

Like all Nike dunks, the Nike air force dunks are also available in a variety of colors and designs. To buy authentic Nike dunks, Nike dunk SB shoes visit www.nike-dunks.


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