Goal Setting

Importance of Goal Setting Just try imagining what a day in your life will be like five or 10 years down the lane. Now, if you do not have the faintest clue about your goal, no wonder you are going to have hard time motivating yourself to work towards that career as a final goal! One way to easily visualize all your goals - and their relation to each other is to construct a goal pyramid. Let me explain it to you: - 1. Centered at the top of a piece of paper, put down in writing what you hope to ultimately gain from your education.

This is your long-range goal and the apex of your pyramid. Example: I want to become a successful architect. 2. Below your long-range goal, list the mid-range goals - milestones or steps that will lead you to your eventual target. For instance, if your long-range goal is to become an architect, your mid-range goals might include getting admission to a decent school of architecture, completing your course and getting an interesting internship with a reputed architectural firm.

3. Below the mid-range goals list all short-range goals you can think of - the smaller steps, which you can complete, in a relatively shorter period of time. For example: paying more attention to your mechanical drawing, completing your class XII with a decent percentage, working through previous year's test papers for gaining practice and speed to fare well in your entrance exam. As you go along, your goal pyramid may alter somewhat.

You may even decide on a different career. Or your mid-range goals may change as you decide on a different path leading to your long-range goal. Of course your short-range goals will change more frequently. The process of creating your own pyramid will show you at a glance how all the little daily and monthly steps you take lead to your mid-range and long-range goals. It will motivate you to work with added zest and enthusiasm. Why Put Your Goals Down On Paper? For one, the need to define a goal clearly stems from the principle that everything is created twice, first in the mind of the one who wishes to achieve it, and only thereafter in the actual creation.

For instance, a sculptor visualizes all details of his image before he begins to chisel. Similarly, you hold the power to shape your own destiny in your own hands. For details please visit http://www.lulu.com/content/207853 http://www.

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By: Anil Kumar

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