Emersion Virtual Reality Technologies to Help Teach Autistic Children

Autistic Children are not stupid, some are extremely intelligent only their minds are wired a bit differently they say. Well why not develop technologies to counteract this and help them with their learning.Currently the educational systems and school districts in America are under mandate to leave no child behind. Of course this is not so easy when it comes to Autistic Children who really need one-on-one tutoring and assistance you see? But there are not enough people, volunteers or budget funds to help every autistic child and more and more are being born each year. We need to do something.I propose using emersion style virtual reality caves or giant egg shaped round screens so the child can use them to learn in.

Putting them in their own world to learn as if a world of their own and much like the one-on-one training that they need. It would be like a video game of life along with lessons and artificial intelligent feedback. Here is one company, which makes such systems; a six-screen emersion VR system;.http://www.marketwire.

com/mw/release_html_b1?release_id=129976.Pilots of simulators have been known to get so involved that they sweat, have their heart rates sky rocket and nerves pushed to their limits. It is that real sometimes.

Now then is this the answer to under funded school budgets? Simulators built at lower costs, but ultra high tech? Could this be the answer that everyone is waiting for to solve the issues of the one-on-one needs of Autistic Children in our school system? Well perhaps, so won't you consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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