Earth Calamity Sun Spot Warning System

Currently there are special systems, which watch for solar activity and sun spot activity, which might damage space assets, communication satellites or even human life on Earth. Additionally many scientists, researchers and geologists believe that Sun activity is the cause of seismic and volcanic activity as well. Climatologists, meteorologists and weather researchers know that solar activity is a major factor in the intensity of Earth weather here at home.

Sunspots and large solar flares cause significant changes in space weather and hurl massive coronal ejections our way, which are said to affect everything from gravity, aurora borealis and even tidal motion. We know that moon cycles do change these things too and we also know that during full moon or new moon cycles and severe solar flare combo periods that generally anything can happen.In fact if you look at the recent records of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Hurricanes you can see a correlation to the more severe ones, which coincides with these other factors and now scientists are looking at changes in resonance and Earth events during full moon and solar flares. What was once said to be pseudo science is now making mainstream scientists wonder even more about our Earth and the surface of it where humans reside.We need a faster and better warning system for NASA, Moon Colonies, Private Space Flight Charter Companies and all those humans on Earth which operates in real time and can warn us of an impending large solar flare so we can more quickly get our ducks in a row and prepare.

Although we have current ways to monitor these things, we need a better system and thus must put forth R and D monies to make a superior warning system soon. Think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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