College A Primary Option or A Backup Plan

College is supposed to aid people at getting a good job and becoming successful. Hence, for most that go to college it is their primary option to use that knowledge to get a job. Owning a business to most that go to college is a secondary option that some only consider pursuing if they need extra money or don't feel they are getting enough out of their degree.It seems as though college is becoming more of a secondary option these day. A lot of people that I know are looking at college as a backup plan. They start businesses with the thought that if it does not work out, they can always go out and get a job.

That seems like a smart way to view the situation as it is rare for a person to become wealthy by working for someone. Most of the wealthy individuals in the United States have obtained their wealth from owning their own business or by dabbling in real estate.Another issue is the fact that even with an education some people still have a difficult time getting a good job. It is always good to have a backup plan for the things you do because things don't always go as you would like them to go.

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