Catapulting Humans via Laser Launches

Remember as a kid those human cannons, which used a gunpowder explosion to launch a citizen under the Big Circus Tents? As a kid you were amazed that they could shoot a man across the room? Well it appears that others are now looking into this and considering it as a way to launch humans up many stories to rescue people in burning buildings? Sounds a lot like some Super Man trick doesn't it? Well you know this is actually possible. How so you ask? Well using lasers to launch these humans of course.By superheating the gas under a pump in a confined tube the pressure will expand so fast that it will push the pump platform along with its slider at a high rate shooting the human in the human cannon. Sounds great hop in; not me you say? Why not; it is perfectly safe providing you have a safe place to land.

Can we use laser-fired cannons to shoot people into the sky? Well, consider if you will a cone shape with the tip pointed on the bottom of the platform holding the person. Then you could shoot the laser into a gas, which would expand like the piston of an engine sending the human astronaut as far as you wanted too.You could shoot human paratroopers into enemy territories and when they reached the optimum altitude they could pop the shoot and float down? Literally leaping over the enemy and hitting them from behind and sense the people are organic they would not be able to be shot down by heat seeking missiles.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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