Can We Stop a Killer Bee Swarm with a Percussion Sound Blast

Killer Bees are deadly to those who they feel are a threat and once you are the target these guys are going in for the kill. It is very difficult to get away from a swarm and that is what most people advise, run like hell and get the swarm to string its self out so you have less of them to fight.But if you used sound to stop a killer bee swarm, how might you do that? Well this subject came up in an online think tank as they were discussing swarm theory with regards to locusts and bees. One think tanker stated;."I think I did not extensively mention a blast sound wave because I realize the local component of ear drum damage when someone is very close to a 16 inch gun aboard WWII Navy destroyers.

I don't wish to create a blast sound just because that is likely not effective, besides it is a point source for the origin of the sound.".Why not you can use percussion sound waves to totally disrupt swarms or anything for that matter.

Not to mention a taste of their own medicine, because the bees or swarming insects use the sound to confuse their prey also. Perhaps put fear in their prey to get their adrenaline and heart rates up so the poison administered works faster to disorient and prevent damage from the predator to their hive, which they do have much time and energy invested in their colony to begin with. Perhaps percussion sound maybe just the shock and awe these little buggers need to buzz off? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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