Bachelors Degree Requirements

An integral part of all bachelor's degree programs is general education, which includes liberal arts and sciences, communication, natural sciences or mathematics, humanities, and social science. It is imperative that these general education components be integrated, along with technical preparation that may be a part of the bachelor's degree course in order to grant a legitimate degree.To pursue a bachelor's degree course, in accordance with commonly held standards, one must have proof of high school graduation or a GED (general educational development), a GPA (grade point average) of 2.0 or higher, and a minimum of two years of practical work experience.

Most universities put the minimum requirements for a bachelor's degree to the equivalent of at least four years of full-time study on a particular major chosen by the student.According to commonly held standards, all bachelor's degrees should require the equivalent of at least four years of full-time study on a particular subject, course or major. A bachelor's degree program entails certain minimum quarter or semester credit requirements to be completed from four compulsory subjects:.1) Communication.2) Natural Sciences/mathematics.3) Humanities.

4) Social science.For a B.A. (Bachelor's of Arts), it is a minimum of 60 quarter or 40 semester credits, while a B.

S. (Bachelor of Science), requires a minimum of 45 quarters or 30 semester credits for the above four. For both B.A.

and B.S., there is introductory course work that should provide a broad exposure to the concepts, principles, and substance of individual disciplines; and advanced course work that should be able to provide an exhaustive investigation of the concepts, principles and substance of individual disciplines. 30% of the total number of credits required to complete the bachelor's degree should be made up of advanced level credits.

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By: Eric Morris

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