Atmospheric Artificial Intelligent Super Computer Systems

We saw during the record-breaking 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season the incredible devastation that Mother Nature can yield. We also saw, that mankind is getting better at predicting the direction, duration and strength of the stores; all this thanks to NOAA, weather researchers and supercomputers.The upcoming 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season will be spectacular. We know this partly because we're in the middle of a La Nina season on the West Coast and that means a stronger than normal hurricane season. These supercomputers to crunch terabytes of data in very short amount of time, yet we need to add a little atmospheric artificial intelligence to be systems. Why? Because during the last hurricane season the NOAA often produced contradictory predictions of where the hurricane would go as it dispersed over land and met up with other flows of normal weather patterns.

As we add more components and more data and more information to be artificially intelligent programs which will be running these supercomputers are we need to understand better the interaction of all things. One of the hardest things to do in weather prediction is long-term predictions.We will also need to consider as we redesigned the supercomputer artificially intelligent programs the potential effects of space weather, solar flares, X-Flares, underwater volcanic vents that could heat the ocean temperature and even moon cycles. Believe it or not all these things affect our weather and some more than others, yet to get a perfectly accurate reading any better long-term analysis of where these weather flows are going and what will happen as a hurricane disperses over land, we must consider adding more data and artificial intelligence to our hurricane supercomputers. Consider some of this in upcoming hurricane 2006.


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