Artificial Intelligent Android Balance Maintenance Algorithms

Human beings walk upright which is rather hard to recreate in robotic systems, but it is not impossible. In fact many robotic systems and android type robots they do walk upright, yet this is not enough, as we will be asking them to run, jog, jump and even do sports. The military advances in robotics will be asking artificially intelligent androids to run, fire weapons and maintain balance as mortar rounds, small arms fire and landmines go off around them. All this without missing a beat, falling over or losing sight of your target; not quite as simple as it sounds, but also far from impossible.

All these factors present challenges for future robotic engineers and for the artificial intelligent researchers and programmers, who will be designing systems and algorithms to insure that the artificial intelligence robotic android performs up to expectations.If artificially intelligent androids are to work and help humans complete tasks for which they are assigned, then they must know when to use which program for the sake of stability in completing the movement. There will be different times in which the robotic artificially intelligent android will use different sets of programs to regulate its motion.

We all know that when we run there is a point at which neither of our feet are actually touching the ground. When we walk at least one foot or some part of our body is touching the ground at all times.These two different methods of motion require completely different strategies for robotic engineers.

When walking it is more of a matter of weight distribution and when running things such as the position and angle of the feet prior to making the next stride are paramount. When switching from walking to running another program must be set into place for the first couple of strides in then the running program can kick in. It is amazing how complicated it is to design in artificially intelligent robotic system to do what humans naturally do every day of their lives. To consider this in 2006.


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