Artificial Intelligent Aircraft in the Modern Battlespace

Are manned aerial vehicles really the wave of the future, as it seems our military is making good use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the modern battlespace. Soon, there will be more no more fighter pilots, as all the aircraft involved in wartime and aerial surveillance and security will be unmanned. Yet, if we send out unmanned aerial vehicles on various tasks such as seek and destroy missions or surveillances sorties they will need to be equipped with the latest and greatest computer brains. That is to say artificial intelligence and they will need to be able to program themselves and download that data into a main database, so that information can be immediately shared with all the other unmanned aerial vehicles in our arsenal.In doing so, every problematic event, that occurs during a routine flight, can be recorded, saved in undistributed to all the current and older units. If and unmanned aerial vehicle gets into problems and is ready to crash it will immediately send all the data of what were wrong wirelessly back to the central computer.

This will prevent future unmanned aerial vehicles from getting into the same situation based on the data, which was collected.Artificial intelligence in unmanned aerial vehicles is the key to the security of our nation and the future victories we seek in serving our political will after negotiations completely breakdown. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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