After Image Mind Control of Objects Directions

Have you ever looked at an object and then closed your eyes and it is still there in your mind, as if you are looking at it on your eyelid? It looks like a negative print from the photo lab doesn't it? This after image generally is recorded in our memory. Do this for me now. Look at something around you and now close your eyes, do you see what I mean now? Good, now what I want you to do is to do the same thing only this time close your eyes and then move the after image in your mind and then open your eyes. Notice your mind recorded the moved image, but the image is still right where you put it right?.Now then what if we hook your brain up to a wave device which would send out a pulse to that object you just imagined moved and the wave device sends out a pulse, laser, microwave or something else, which actually would move the object simply by thought? Did you know that your figure tips can exert about 1 watt of energy out of them? What if you could boost that to lets say 1,000,000 watts thru technology attached to your hand? Or hooked directly to a computerized device?.

Now then what if you are immersed in augmented or a virtual reality setting and the device was hooked up to your brain and was a tele-robotic unit on the Moon? Too far out for you? Okay lets back up. What if you are in your living room and playing on your xbox and you could move the character in the video game on your flat panel display this way? Well, now you are starting to see the principle on this concept. So now I ask you where do you want to go today? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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