Aesthetics for Androids and Facial Features

One of the most important things in the future of robotic companions in consumer markets will be the aesthetics and facial features of the artificially intelligent androids. There is no doubt that if you have a robotic companion or maid in your household that you will want one which is pleasing, humanlike and looks like it belongs with the family. If your family is Hispanic you will most likely want a robotic companion or made which has a dark complexion and looks like your family.If you were a white family perhaps you'll want a white robot.

If you are a black family maybe you might like a white slave to do your household chores, wouldn't that be a kick in turning the tables a little. There is want very famous robot or artificial android in a famous university project; her name is Valerie and she is just about the prettiest robot so far. Whether we like to admit it or not everyone is a little biased towards their own genetics and looks.

There is not to say that everyone is a racist, but rather that it is human nature to like your self and therefore white things, which are like you.For those companies who will be selling these robotic artificially intelligent androids this will definitely be something to consider, as the price tag will be quite high at first. Just like some people want a red car in some people want a blue car; the robotic manufacturers will need to customize the facial features an overall complexion of their robotic assistance and companions for the consumer market, in order to assure strong and robust sales. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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