Accelerating Building of Hotels with Prefab Bathrooms

After a Natural Disaster many of the area's hotels are damaged and there were not even enough hotels before the disaster to handle all the homeless people, whose homes were destroyed or the huge numbers of people who come to the region to rebuild. Building Hotels Faster after disaster is also possible and needed until people can move back into their homes. Here is one idea which has now been used in hotels;.http://www.hotelbusiness.

com/links/archive.iend=Y&ID=27988.We need to find ways to accelerate the building of new hotels, expanding those already there and fast tracking rebuilding of damaged rooms in hotels and with Prefab Bathrooms and prefab modular buildings we can attach units on very quickly, which will be used for the many months ahead. When disaster strikes housing is a huge concern and FEMA has modular buildings, mobile homes and other nifty ways to deal with this, but we also must look at any and all options of pre-existing units already there to be used also.

By strategically using all assets we can better re-align the basic needs while re-building efforts get going. With these high Hurricane Cycles, FEMA may not have enough mobile homes to suffice and it maybe impossible to get everything needed into place fast enough. Additionally multiple storms year after year can create a backlog and vacuum of needed housing supply.

We must think ahead and be ready for anything. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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