Abatement Color Coding

Various bacteria and virus threats and even biological weapons will show up on various light spectrums as different colors and if we have sensors which can pick up these various colors then we can better abate the situation and alleviate the problem without fear of loss of life or attacks on the human bio-system.If we use abatement color coding with special sensors we can know where the clustering of the biological threat is and then send out Nano Tech devices of a micro-scale to each area of concern. Although we will not be able to see all this in action we will be able to see the changes in color coding of light to let us know that it is either working or it is not working.Likewise this can help us know if it's safe to return or if humans should be allowed to go back into the area where it is either safe or not safe. Abatement color-coding makes sense for space operations, Nano Tech manufacturing, CDC virus control, military applications and riding the world of things that are a plague to humanity and Third World countries.

Using such high-tech methods and abatement color coding, we may be able to send in robotics cleanup hardware and control systems into an area and then watch the project and the abatement take place from afar. Please consider this in 2006.

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