Abatement Class of Nano Manufacturing Materials

One of the biggest breakthroughs for scientists in nano technology is building super tiny machines, which will replicate and build themselves. These tiny devices can build themselves and help make materials stronger than we had ever dreamed of. But what happens when these little bots keep going and will not stop?.

What if a nanotech manufacturing facility allows these super tiny nanotech devices, which are so small they are hard to contain, escape the manufacturing facility and building and begin building themselves? Then what? Well then we have a serious problem and it has already happened too.When one scientist went out side the building to measure the area and found that the levels of particles were too high? Well it freaked him out and his employer and thus now scientists are considering these issues? Perhaps you recall the book "Prey" which was a Sci Fi Book which somewhat addressed this subject?.What we are going to need is an abatement class of Nano Manufacturing Materials, which will seek and destroy these rogue runaway nano-particles, because once they escape it will be nearly impossible to catch them or stop them, because they are hard to detect and so small they are impossible to see. Consider all this in 2006.


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